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How To Tell Real Online Hook Up Stories From Bogus Ones

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July 2nd, 2017

One of those annoying things about being a guy is that you’re surrounded with idiots who try to delude themselves into thinking that women really want to suck their dicks. These are guys who spin tall tales about how they are the modern day Casanova and Don Juan.


Now, you’re probably rolling your eyes while listening to these stories because you know that these are out and out fakes. You can spot them a mile away. You might even think that just because the guy looks like a fucking midget that there’s no way this guy can get pussy.


Well, don’t get ahead of yourself. There are a lot of guys who look like trash cans full of shit that caught fire that get pussy all day, every day. Seriously. I know that’s hard to believe, I know that goes against the grain, I know that goes against your programming, but it’s absolutely true. And absolutely free as you can see @


You see, getting pussy has nothing to do with what you look like. Believe me. It has everything to do with your confidence. If you love yourself, people will know. If you are confident about yourself and you are sure that you can do things and make things happen, people are going to sit up and pay attention because that’s the kind of attitude the world pays attention to.


They don’t have time for guys who show up and somehow feel entitled to pussy.  Those guys are a dime a dozen, and those guys are losers. And this is why, when you’re listening to stories, don’t worry about whether an online hook up story is legit, don’t worry if it’s a bona fide story of a guy really getting laid. Focus instead on the inspiration.


Even if the guy looks like he is a plastic surgery disaster, if he tells a good story and that inspires you, believe that story. Why? When you believe the story, you will allow yourself to be inspired by it and you get to be more successful at the typical online hook up site. That’s how you should respond to those stories.


Don’t be a little bitch who either feels envious so you feel that you have to debunk their stories or be a guy who’s just jealous of the results and you think contemptuous thoughts of the guys telling these stories. Fuck them. Even if they’re telling tall tales and are blowing smoke your way, choose to be inspired. That’s how you win. That’s how you get over.

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